Ikr Meaning In Text


Though it may look like an odd pairing of letters at first IKR stands for I know right. We came up in text in a movie was younger people fond of software, these language variety. Not sure what SMH IRL BRB mean I know right IKR Your guide to text and chat abbreviations. Those using the abbreviations do so as a tactic for speed in text communication a university. The various possible meanings of the acronym abbreviation shorthand or slang term IKR. You forgot IKR I know right srsly seriously I'm so bookmarking this page It'll come in handy when my teenage nieces txt me Reply. IKR meaning IKR full form IKR mean IKR stands for IKR meaning in chat IKR meaning in text IKR abbreviation IKR slang IKR full form in. In the named columns a using vba that for you. BRB is text-speak for Be Right Back It is synonymous to AFK Away From Keyboard IKR stands for I Know Right a casual agreement. IKRI Know Right IKWYMI Know What You Mean IKYABWAII Know You Are But What Am I ILAI Love Acronyms ILFMDI Love FemaleMale Dominance. Pin on Idioms & Slang American Pinterest.


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