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新资源 (New Resources)

A:Math learning and competition for all ages of kids
这个链接是数学名师邹同在“亲子阅读”群的讲座, 详细内容请点击这里

B: 推荐一个网站:列有各种获奖童书,可以找适合各个年龄的推荐书目。
Recommending one source of Award-Winning books for varies age kids .

C: Earthquake Preparation Fair Video

D:, 作者是两个Gunn1997年毕业的学生Michael Pasternak和Jacqueline Gowen。 网站上收集几百多名Palo Alto毕业生的真实的人生故事。里面包括他们的高中和大学成绩,兴趣爱好,如何选择职业,对高中和大学生活的反思,及对成功的定义。详细内容请点击这里

E: Palo Alto School Chinese Parent WeChat Group & Group Leader:

Paly: Lin 孙霖 (WeChat ID linsunhoffman)

Jordan: Lily (WeChat ID cheri161)

Terman: Sunny 茹芳 (WeChat ChloeGavin2010), Ann Xu (WeChat ID annie94306)

JLS: 行☁️流水 (WeChat ID Jieyunwan)

Ohlone: 司炜 Wei Shi (WeChat ID Siwei94303)

Water Hays: Joey Gu (WeChat ID joeygu88)

Nixon elementary: Ann Xu (WeChat ID annie94306), Meng Sui (WeChat ID SuiMeng2015)

Fairmeadow: Old Mike (WeChat ID Oldmike1992)

Duveneck: Jing Jing (WeChat ID Californialemon)

El Camelo: 行☁️流水 (WeChat ID Jieyunwan)

Hoover: Lili (WeChat ID liliwu03)

Escondido: 娟 (WeChat ID RCarolli)

新资源 (New Resources)
小孩的社区资源 (Children Resources)
家长的社区资源 (Parents Resources)

小孩的社区资源 (Children Resources)

New information: Jordan 8th Grade Parent Network Summer Activities Listing

SAT 补习学校
This list is compiled for the convenience of Palo Alto Chinese Parents. PACPC does not endorse any of the schools or individuals listed below.
Insight Education:

Los Altos:
Flex Prep :

Palo Alto:
C2 Education:
AJ Tutoring:
Peter Baum:
Philip Hawess:

Elementary, Middle and High School:
BrainPOP: (many topics)
CK-12: (online video lessons)
instaGrok: (online search tool for students)
Khan Academy: (multiple topics)
Kno: (digital textbooks)
Starfall: (home schooling, reading online)
YouTube Teachers: (curated videos for educations)

Middle to High School:
BrightStorm: (online tutorials for homework and test preparation)
InstaEDU: (connect student with tutors online)
TEDEd: (curated videos for educations)

2014 夏令营: 欢迎大家继续补充以下表的内容
Jordan 8th Grade Parent Network Summer Activities Listing
2014 summer camp -- work in progress

课外兴趣与活动 (Extracurricular Interest & Activities)

Electronics Class:

Palo Alto Children’s Theater:

Model UN and Young & Governing ---学习社交,演讲,组织能力,摹拟州议员和联合国大使

体育运动 (Sport)
Run for Fun:
Stanford Sports Camp:
Palo Alto YMCA:
Stanford Soccer Club:
Palo Alto Soccer Club:
AYSO Soccer: Palo Alto -
Los Altos Hills:
Palo Alto Little League:
Los Altos Hills League:
Palo Alto Girl Softball:
Los Altos Girl Softball:
Palo Alto NJB – Palo Alto Basketball League:
Palo Alto Volleyball Club:
Swimming Team – PASA Swim Team:
Los Altos/Mountain View Swim Team:

Palo Alto童子军 (Boy Scout Troops in Palo Alto)

Troop 57:

Troop 5:

Troop 52:

Troop 14:

义工 (Community Service)

Friends of Children with Special Needs:, Contact Mannching at
Boys and Girls Club, Menlo Park:, (650) 646-6140

补习,家敎  (Tutoring & Tutors)

English tutor for middle and high school students
Carol Goldfield:,, (650) 322-1427
Tutors for math and science
Consider hire higher class student tutors in the same high school since they can get together during school time. Students can get the student tutor list from their teachers and select the student tutor they like. Student tutor's rate is very moderate (around $15). Many student tutors even choose to take community service hours instead of money.

礼仪学校 (Etiquette school)

Palo Alto中文图书馆 (Chinese Library)

新资源 (New Resources)
小孩的社区资源 (Children Resources)
家长的社区资源 (Parents Resources)

家长的社区资源 (Parents Resources)

特殊小孩教育 (Parenting for special kids)
家长聚会交流 (Parents gathering)

中文教堂 和佛堂(Chinese church & Temple)

看戏 (Theaters)
Palo Alto 歌剧团:Westbay Opera

悲哀支持 (Grief support for children, teen, families and adults)

If you like any resources in our community, please share with us by sending an email to with the subject of "attn:Resources"