Palo Alto Chinese Parents’ Club (PACPC) members are residents of the vicinity of Palo Alto. Membership is currently free. PACPC is designed to serve Palo Alto parents and our school and community related information is limited to Palo Alto. However general principles are universal. If you are interested in joining the club, please use our automatic sign up form below to include your name, email address and grades that your children are currently in.

PACPC is a volunteer organization and welcome parents with various passions to organize and serve the community with different needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in serving on Event Committee to organize a special activity or answer questions on a special need, or just to help out.

Palo Alto华人家长会成员主要是Palo Alto居民。现免俱乐部会员费。PACPC 致力服务Palo Alto华人家长,我们发布的关于学校及社区的信息大多与Palo Alto相关。 但是,关于教育的理念是相通的。若你有兴趣参加,请在PACPC会员申请表上添写你的名字,email地址,及小孩的在读年级。

PACPC 是一个自愿者组织。我们欢迎来自各方持不同兴趣爱好的家长来组织各种活动或解答问题。如果你有兴趣成为Event Committee成员来负责组织某项活动或解答某些方面问题,请你与我们联系。