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两个Gunn1997年毕业的学生Michael Pasternak和Jacqueline Gowen为Palo Alto学生和家长做了一个很有用的网站叫 网站上收集几百多名Palo Alto毕业生的真实的人生故事。里面包括他们的高中和大学成绩,兴趣爱好,如何选择职业,对高中和大学生活的反思,及对成功的定义。


Two 1996 Gunn graduates,
Michael Pasternak and Jacqueline Gowen created this website: for Palo Alto students and parents. There are several hundred real stories shared from Palo Alto high school graduates. They shared their high school and college experiences in the area of academic grades, hobby and interest, how to choose career, reflection on high school and colleges life, and how to define success. is a very good reference for high school students and parents. Every teen can find something that clicks with them. You are also encouraged to share your story on the website as well.