Paly 中国家长会第一次会议记录

第一次会议主持人:Lin Sun, Dewan Zeng,Amy Yang, Debra Cen

首先Paly PTSA President Rebecca Fox 介绍了PTSA的作用。PTSA代表Parent Teacher Student Association. Paly PTSA 提供1)PTSA website, 2) 各年级每个月的Parent network meeting, 3) 每年Welcome new families;4)Latte cart for teachers, 5) Four lunches for Paly staffs/ year, 5) Turkey feast for students, 6) Food for thought before final for students, 7) Senior celebration. PTSA also gives $7,500 grants to teachers, $10,000 for computer supplies, student planners to all students, $20,000 for science supplies.

几位家长问了如何sign up "Paly Link" 和如何邦助小孩选课。建议是参加同年级的parent network和这个全校的中国家长会认识其它家长,互相交换信息。五月份的Paly中国家长会聚会内容将是演示如何用Paly website 来索取各种信息。

其中Debra 讲述她儿子Justin去年Paly毕业,现在USC读Global Health 专业。当她问她儿子传授How to succeed at Paly 时,她儿子给她写了下面这些话:

I think what made me succeed in high school were a numerous set of factors. I think that in regards to things that have defined me and molded me into who I am, Cross Country and Track were one of the biggest influences. I got to hang out around a much more eclectic crowd.

I think Boy Scouts also helped a lot. It taught me a lot about leadership and how to be a more outgoing person.

Of course, I also had a lot of solid role models in my life (thanks guys)

I think ultimately what it really comes down to is your own personal motivation though. The motivation can obviously be shaped by the influences of your life, but succeeding in any aspect requires sacrifice, whether that means going out of your comfort zone or putting in a shit ton of time and energy. People who don't realize that can't succeed.

Thus, I think the best thing you can really do is to equip your child with the proper social skills necessary for success, allow him to develop the intrinsic motivation for him to work on his own (remember, I decided to do most of the shit in high school by myself), and just try to guide him along the path to high school success.

1)如果在校外修课,如何算GPA?建议是找Paly办公室的Susie Brown打听。
2)若遇上难搞的老师,拿不到A怎么办? 建议是若对老师有意见,可以去见department的头,再不行,找Guidance office。建议若是普遍问题,几个家长联合起来去找。不过家长不要把拿不到A当太大的事。每个小孩多少都会碰到一个这样的老师,所以也是公平的。学习如何面对也是培养小孩的一种以后社会生存的能力。外面大学都知道Paly的B仍是好成绩。况且将来大多是A的学生给B的学生打工,C的学生当老板。

1)New SAT information
2) How many AP classes students should take?
3)How to survive 11th grade?
4) How to prepare for college application?
5) How to select classes?
6) How to study Apush?
7) How to fulfill the second language requirement for Chinese immigrant
8) How to participate sport team and club?

Paly 中国家长会将每个月聚一次。定在每月第三周的星期一。考虑到有些家长喜欢上午有些家长喜欢晚上,下次聚会是4月21曰早8:30在Middlefield上的Phil's Coffee。