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2018年Palo Alto邻里春节庙会
DateSun, 03/04/2018 - 14:00
PlacePalo Alto Mitchell Park Community Center

go2018年Palo Alto邻里春节庙会将在2018年3月4日下午在Palo Alto Mitchell Park Community Center举行。筹备工作正在进行中,希望热心的社区居民积极参与,报名做义工。

合作筹备的单位有:Palo Alto Chinese Community, Palo Alto Chinese Parents' Club (PACPC), City of Palo Alto, Palo Alto Council of PTAs, Mitchell Park Library, Palo Alto Family YMCA。

Performance:We are looking for group performances from our schools and encourage participation by students of all backgrounds. Performance should be 5 minutes or less. Please submit proposals to Clarisse Li at by Dec 21, 2017,for more details.

2018 Palo Alto Chinese New Year Fair Poster Competition:The organizers for the above event are calling all PAUSD students for a Poster Competition to design a brochure cover for the 2018 PA CNY Fair. Posters must be between 8.5” x 11” and 12” x 18” on unlined paper and any medium (crayons, markers, paint, etc.) is accepted. Please include “2018 Palo Alto Chinese New Year Fair” and the theme “Year of Dog " on the poster, and write your name, grade, school and an email contact on the back. Please submit entries to the front desk of Mitchell Park Library by Jan 12, 2018. Entries may be displayed at the Fair. Please email Lily Chiu at
for any questions.

Recent Events

8/13 PACPC 夏季Potluck 交流会 (Summer Fair)

时间: 8月13号星期日, 12-3点
地点:Patio Area in Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road

暑假结束之前, PACPC再一次主办了夏日聚餐交流会,吸引了上百人参加。 在活动中,几位高中生为大家分享了他们在夏令营的收获, 还有一些社区青少年机构在招募志愿者。 现场摆满了大家带来的拿手菜, 家长和孩子们边品尝美食边互相问候,气氛十分和睦。 讨论主题集中在如何培养“软技能”,包括如何应对毒品、 青少年性行为等话题,几位高中生也对“ 家长如何与青少年进行有效沟通”这一话题分享了他们的看法。 本次活动场地由Palo Alto City市政府的Project Safety Net免费提供,非常感谢他们的大力支持。
more photos

Time: August 13, 2017, Sunday, 12-3pm.
Location: Patio Area in Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road

Before the end of summer vacation, PACPC held another event - the Pot Luck Summer Fair. It attracted hundreds of participants from the community, parents and children alike. During the event, several high school students shared what they learned from their summer camps, while other organizations came to recruit volunteers. Many people also brought their homemade food. Thanks to their contributions, everyone had fun eating and chatting. Among the topics discussed, many shared their views on how to develop soft skills, including how to deal with drugs, adolescent sex, etc. The high schoolers also talked to parents about how to communicate effectively with teens.

Thanks to Project Safety Net of Palo Alto City who supported the event by offering the space free of charge.

PALO ALTO 紧急救援及防范专题讲座

时间:8/12 星期六 上午 10:00-12:00
地点: Mitchell Park Library MPCC EL Palo Alto East

生命安全高于一切, 但是很多时候遇到险情却不知道如何应对, 保护生命安全。 PACPC在开学前组织了一次紧急救援及防范的专题讲座, 特意邀请了有多年紧急救援经验的Andy Huang分享了很多有趣又很重要的防范措施。 在火警, 地震, 遗迹有坏人跟踪的情况下,Andy的防范措施从准备的8个项目到如何巧用身边的物件做防身工具,加上和孩子们的互动, 两个小时的时间很快就过去了。 这次活动也得到了Palo Alto City的大力支持, 有70多人来参加活动,大家表示收获很多。大家也得到了现场发放的救援哨子,自行车灯,小电筒,防范读物等小礼品。 欢迎大家今后踊跃参与社区里这样的活动, 并且在听到讲座后,及时把家里的应急措施和物件都准备齐全。

Time: August 12, Saturday, 10:00-12:00
Location: Mitchell Park Library MPCC EL Palo Alto East

Life safety is more important than anything else. But often times, when we encounter danger, we do not know how to react or prepare for disaster. Just before starting of the school year, PACPC organized a special emergency rescue and prevention session. We specially invited Andy Huang, who had many years of experience in emergency rescue, to share a lot of interesting and important precautions including in the case of fire, earthquakes and relics. Andy shared prevention methods of eight critical items for earthquake, and also shared interesting tricks to use objects handy as self-defense tools. His sharing was very interactive especially with the children. This event has also been supported by Palo Alto City. There were more than 70 people participated in the event, all appreciated the rich contents they learned from the session. Small gifts were distributed such as live buzzer, bicycle lights, small flashlight, and reading of prevention. We welcome everyone to participate in such activities in the future and, after hearing the lecture, please prepare the emergency kits at home.

Palo Alto Chinese New Year Fair, Feb 12, 2017

The second annual Chinese New Year Fair was successfully organized by Palo Alto Chinese Community on February 12, 2017 at the Mitchell Park Community Center. The event was well received with over 2000 people participated participated and the Fair generated $7,700 income through food sales and donations, and was 100% donated to Palo Alto Schools. There were performance of Chinese folk music, instruments and dances by local talents as well as students from Palo Alto Unified School Districts (PAUSD). There were many Chinese culture elements exhibited including Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, Mahjong, dumpling-making, fung shui, board games and crafts.


第二届华人新年庆祝活动在2017年2月12号圆满落下帷幕。今年的新春庆祝活动还是在Mitchell Park Community Center举办, 有2000多人参与了丰富多彩的活动, 并收到¥7,700(捐赠和活动食品收入),全部捐给 Palo Alto 学区。 活动中学生和社区成员们表演了华人古典乐器和音乐,美妙的中国舞, 以及各种活动, 包括麻将,扑克,风水,手工艺品制作,书法等。

For more information, please contact Hannah Lu ( or Sheena Chin (
2017 Chinese New Year Fair flyers & programs
Donation photos

Appreciation and Acknowledgement
Achievement Beyond Academics Award
Moments for Food, Culture and Wonderful performances:
矽谷新年廟會 中西合璧熱鬧 (2017)

Event: PLAY Chinese Parents activity

Time: May 3, 2016, Tuesday, 7pm
Location: PALY Library
Topic: how to use Naviance to navigate college information and historical data on PALY graduates college admission statistics, help students to make their choices.

how to use Naviance/如何使用 NAVIANCE

活动: PALY华人家长会

时间:2016/5/3 晚7点
话题:作为家长, 如何使用 NAVIANCE 了解大学信息和PALY历届大学录取统计, 帮组您在大学申请过程中做出正确选择和判断。

Event: PLAY Chinese Parent Coffee Social

Time: April 26, 2016, Tuesday, 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Corner Bakery on 3375 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA, 94306
Topics: Discuss next school year PTA events and topics of interest in Palo Alto society


时间:2016/4/26, 早8:30-9:30
地点:Corner Bakery on 3375 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA, 94306

培养快乐的孩子/ To Raise Happy Kids

Event: To Raise Happy Kids by David Code, a Paly Parent and wrote two books about raising kids and family life. David was interviewed by CBS, New York Times and many other medias about his books. His two books are: To Raise Happy Kids, Put your Marriage First; Kids Pick Up on Everything
Time: March 22, 19:00-20:30
Location: Paly Library
David shared insights on raising happy kids -kids should be socializing, exercising and sleeping. Through David’s facilitation, parents interacted actively and committed to build social groups to start with.

活动:培养快乐的孩子。 Paly家长组委会有幸请来分享嘉宾: David Code, 被CBS, New York Time等媒体推荐的To Raise a Happy Child, Put your marriage first 的作者, 他的两本书是To Raise Happy Kids, Put your Marriage First; Kids Pick Up on Everything

时间:2016年3月22日 , 晚7:00-8:30pm

地点:Paly 图书馆


Donation to school distract after Palo Alto New Year Celebration Event, Palo 2016 新年庆祝活动收益捐赠学区

本次PA华人家长会不仅成功举办了第一届Palo Alto华人新年的社区庆祝活动,还通过各位义工的服务和精美食物的售卖,筹集了4000美金,捐给Palo Alto学区来持续支持孩子们成长。

The PACPC successfully organized first PA Chinese community celebration event. During the event, volunteers provided Chinese flavor games, services, and delicious food and a totally of $4000 were raised through food and services. The Committee donated the $4000 to Palo Alto school district to continuously support kids' education.

2016 Palo Alto 华人新年庆祝活动

PA邻里群和家长群在2016年2月21曰下午在Mitchell Park Community Center举办面向整个Palo Alto社区的华人新年庆祝活动。本次活动主题是传播华人文化,促进社区中美邻里交流,建立华人服务回馈社区的形象。本次活动有1200人参加,活动共收¥4000, 全部捐赠给palo alto 学区。

欣赏活动录像点击这里或下边图片, click here of the following picture to watch the event video

Palo Alto 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration Community Building Event

First Palo Alto Chinese Community Fair was held on Sunday, Feb 21, at Mitchell Park Community Center. It was organized by Palo Alto Neighborhood WeChat group and Palo Alto Chinese Parents’ Club (, and supported by community volunteers and organizations. The event was well received by 1200 people participated and generated $4,000 income which was denoted 100% to Palo Alto Unified School District.


Palo Alto Weekly:
Palo Alto Chinese New Year Celebration Welcomes All

Pushing for integration in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt was enjoying his Majong experience at the 2016 inaugural Chinese New Year Fair

The Other Big Party: How Silicon Valley Celebrates Lunar New Year (2016)

青少年的心理健康 / Emotional Health care for Teens

Event: Emotional Health care for Teens by Play teacher Jonathan Noel Fracceri LMFT, Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator; Josh Bloom, Social Emotional learning Teacher-Leader/Astrophysics Teacher
Time: January 19, 2016, 8:30-9:30am
Location: Corner Bakery on 3372 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
Emotional health is critical for teen development, and two teachers from Paly will share with parents on how to spot and address concern, care for teens during their high school years when time is demanded for all kinds of work.

活动:青少年的心理健康, 由Paly 老师Jonathan Noel Fracceri LMFT和Josh Bloom 分享
时间:2016年1月19日, 早8:30-9:30
地点:Corner Bakery on 3372 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
Paly家长组委会有幸请来两位负责青少年心理健康的老师来喝大家座谈, 共同探讨心里健康在青少年阶段的跳着和关怀。

应急准备家居安全介绍会 / Emergency Awareness Program

Event: Emergency Awareness Program (ePre) for families
Time: October 18, 2015, 2-5pm
Location: Addison Elementary School (650 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto)
It’s never too late to get prepared for Emergencies for your family! Come and join the Emergency Awareness Program and learn varieties of ways to help others or help yourself in the event of emergency/ pandemic outbreak etc.
图片链接/photos link

活动: 应急准备家居安全介绍会
时间: 2015年10月18日, 下午2-5点。
地点:Addison小学(650 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto)
你准备好了吗?当紧急事件发生时, 如何应对? 我们准备了非常丰富的内容, 让大家了解紧急事件中如何应对, 如何自救及救他人。

青少年的社交礼仪培训 / Social Etiquette Class for Teens

Event: Social Etiquette Class for Teens by Mimi Raghian from Northern California School of Etiquette
Time: October 16, 2015 from 4-6pm (Middle School students), November 7, 3:30-5:30pm (High School students)
To enable Teens and kids with Social Etiquette, a training was conducted to systematically introduce teens and kids to proper ways to handle social interactions, including greeting, meals, conversations, etc. This is cross-cultural understanding that our teens and kids will benefit a lot.

活动:青少年的社交礼仪培训, 讲师: Mimi Raghian from Northern California School of Etiquette
时间:2015年10月16日, 下午4-6点(初中学生)2015年11月7日, 下午3:30-5:30点(高中生)
为了加强跨文化了解, 在社交活动中掌握正确,恰当的行为, pacpc 组织了第一期青少年社交礼仪培训, 分别有初中生和高中生参加。
照片链接, photos link

Past Events


Event: 2015 Spring Family Picnic for Chinese Community in Palo Alto
Time: May 3, 2015 @12pm
Location: Redwood Group Area @ Mitchell Park
Come to enjoy Sprint Family Picnic for Chinese Community in Palo Alto. Bring your favorite foods and drink to the picnic ( no alcohol, please)! You will meet new friends and get reconnected with old friends. No registration required, just come and enjoy!

时间:2015年5月3日, 中午12点
地点: Mitchell Park的Redwood Group Area
带上你最爱的吃的喝的(拒绝酒类), 来参加2015年春季华人家庭野餐会吧!这是你会重拾旧友, 结交新朋友的好机会!让大家互相支持, 关爱, 在这个社区里!


时间: 2015年2月28日
简介: 会议由发起人协各个学校微信群主共同讨论2015年八项活动。

PA 华人家长会( 发起人和组织者协各个学校微信群主与2月28日召开2015年度计划会,定下八项主要活动:1。与PA学区合作帮助华人家长及孩子培养情商,社会交往能力和全面健康成长。由Debra Cen ,Ann Xu 负责。2。继续自主组织情商课程, 家长读书及学习小组,聆听孩子心声,由Charlene Liao, Catherine Zhang, Amy Yang 负责。3。春季及秋季家庭野餐聚会,由Linda Xu负责。4。网站更新,由Chaoyang Fan和Jennifer Jin 负责。5。制作美国文化和礼仪及欢迎到PA的视频,帮助新移民,由Debra Cen, Amy Yang, Monica Yeung Arima 负责 6. 有关美国礼仪的微信,每周一条,由Robin Li负责。 7。 在 Mitchell Park Library 设立中国角,帮助学习中文,由青少年自发组织和做义工,现Jennifer Jin 暂时领头,还需热心家长共同商量,有想法的请与Debra联系。8。积极从政府或公司内得到财物资助 pacpc的活动,由Huacheng Ying负责。欢迎大家多多参与,共同献计献策,帮助孩子和家长的共同成长。

Event: PA CPC 2015 yearly planning meeting
time: February 28, 2015
Summary: the PACPC organizer together with originator of Wechat Groups for schools in PA gathered together and finalized on eight initiatives that we will focus on together.

PACPC ( together with leaders from each school discussed the focus of 2015 initiatives: 1. Advise Palo Alto school district on implementing suitable parent education programs specific for Chinese parents and programs helping our kids to improve their emotional and social managing skills. Responsible people: Debra Cen and Anna Xu. 2. EQ parenting education, learn to listen to our teens session. Charlene Liao (Dr Liao seminar and March 1 Listen to our teens), Catherine Zhang and Amy Yang (Parent Education seminars, parent growth group, parent book club). 3. Spring and Fall picnic for parents social, responsible by Linda Xu. 4. PACPC website updates, by Chaoyang Fan and Jennifer Jin. 5. Make “ American culture & etiquettes” “welcome to Palo Alto” videos for helping new immigrants to adjusts their new life in US and Palo Alto community, by Debra Cen, Amy Yang and Monica Yeung Arima; 6. Establish “Daily Etiquette” programs in PACPC Wechat group to introduce on public etiquette per week as a reminder of putting out a good public image, by Robin Li; 7. Establish a Chinese corner in Mitchell Park Library, perhaps a couple of hours a week to provide free Chinese tutoring service for Palo Alto community. Volunteers can be high schoolers and Chinese parents. Temporarily responsible by Jennifer Jin, need more volunteers (please talk with Debra if you are interested in). 8. Look for grants from government and private foundation for supporting PACPC activities, by Huacheng Ying.

welcome everyone to get more involved in events and provide your ideas/support to help both parent groups and kids grow together.


简介:在学区和各家家长组织的辛勤准备后, 约十名来自GUNN和PALY高中生从各个方面阐述他们对社区,家长及近期的事件的看法,非常真诚。
资源:全程的录像可以在此重新观看: or

event: Listen to the Youth Voices
time: March 1, 2015
summary: organized by the PA school district and various organization of parent group, about 10 high school students from both Gunn and Paly shared their view on school. social, community and parents. Their talks were authentic and brave.
resources: or

Palo Alto 华人家长会和斯坦福中文学校特约廖冰博士举办“如何建立现代的亲子关系,培养心理健康的孩子”的讲座。

演讲者: 廖冰, 北京大学物理学士,休斯顿大学物理博士,Rutgers大学工商管理硕士。


第一堂: 主要针对13岁以上的孩子家长
时间: 2015年2年13日, 周五, 晚7-9:30pm
地点: Los Altos Library Program Room, 13. S San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA, 94022

第二堂: 主要针对13岁以下的孩子家长
时间: 2015年2年15日, 周日, 晚7-9:30pm
地点: Michell Park Commuity Center, E1 Palo Alto Room, 3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94303

第三堂: 欢迎各年龄段的家长
时间: 2015年2年16日, 周1, 晚7-9:30pm
地点: Michell Park Commuity Center, E1 Palo Alto Room, 3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94303



时间: 2015年 2月18日, 星期三, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
地点: JLS Middle School Auditorium
届时将有 30+ 余家夏令营,课外活动和校内资源呈现给大家, 也酱有机会个别谈话讨论需求。参与的机构有:The Palo Alto Jr. Museum & Zoo, theCoderSchool, Kim Grant Tennis, Camping Unlimited, Square Peg Ranch, Boys and Girls Club, Camp Ed Tech, DreamCatchers, Quest Camps and many many more! Organized by the Palo Alto Sub-Committee of SELPA 1 CAC for special education, and co-sponsored by Parent Advocates for Student Success (PASS), the Palo Alto Council of PTAs (PTAC), and PAUSD.


Resource Fair of Summer Camps, After School Activities & Educational Resources

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: JLS Middle School Auditorium

Join us to meet 30+ providers of summer camps, after-school activities, and in-school programs who will present information about their programs and be available to talk 1:1 with parents. All providers can accommodate some special needs kids, either in an inclusive environment or a special program, and can discuss specific accommodations. Some offer on-site enrollment. Information on financial assistance available, and many providers offer fee waivers based on need. Providers include: The Palo Alto Jr. Museum & Zoo, theCoderSchool, Kim Grant Tennis, Camping Unlimited, Square Peg Ranch, Boys and Girls Club, Camp Ed Tech, DreamCatchers, Quest Camps and many many more! Organized by the Palo Alto Sub-Committee of SELPA 1 CAC for special education, and co-sponsored by Parent Advocates for Student Success (PASS), the Palo Alto Council of PTAs (PTAC), and PAUSD. For more information, including the complete list of vendors as it is finalized, see:



演讲者: Al Yuen and Anthony Soohoo
时间: 2014年 9月15日,星期一,7-8:30 pm,
地点:SSRC,PALY 图书馆
资料: How to raise Asian CEO talk video link


Palo Alto高中生讲座

Palo Alto 华人家长会和Paly和Gunn华人家长群合办高中生讲座

主题: 如何安排好高中生活,并为大学和将来发展做好准备

Robert Lee: Paly2013, 现Cornell 二年级,Chemical Engineering
Jessica Tam: Paly2013, 现Stanford 二年级, Chemical Engineering & Environmental Science
Justin Zhang: Paly2013, 现USC二年级, Global Health
Chelsea Chen: Paly 2013, 现John Hopkins二年级,Public Health
Jennifer Kwai: A high school in San Diego, Emory2002, Columbia2004, Finance
Marty Hu: Paly2007, Stanford, Entrepreneur, now acquired by Dropbox
Jeffrey Sun: Gunn2012, now at CMU, Computer Science
Matt Severson: Paly 2007, Brown, Found a non-profit during high school and run it during college, now work at Google.

1。 你在高中陪养成的什么习惯及能力,你在大学及工作中受益并表现出色?





主题: 从父母的角度看高中生活
主办方: Paly华人家长会
时间: 2014年在11月20日晩7时在Paly LCR (原SSRC)

几位家长的子女在美国公立或私立学院就读(UC, Cal Poly, NYU, Princeton, Harvard 等)分享了他们在孩子高中期间是如何引导和帮助他们的孩子,特别是在: 1)学业(选课;平衡学业和休闲),2)感情方面的成长; 3)课外活动 4)特殊才能:体育,艺术,建筑等。


演讲者: Susan Belton
主办方:Gunn华人家长会, Paly华人家长会
时间: 2014年11月8日星期六下午2点。
地点:502 Lowell Avenue, Palo Alto.

Summary: Even though kids do not talk about it, most of them already knew from school, so we should talk about it openly. Not about what caused the suicide itself, but to let kids know that if their friends ever mention any hint that he/she feels life sucks and meaningless, need to raise it up to an adult. Also, ask kids about how they feel about it, what is their emotional reaction and that is part of the healing process. Parents should tell but not yell to kids. There are lots of source of pressures surrounding kids, and parents need to ensure that kids feel safe to talk about anything with parents and not being judged. Seems several suicide cases actually linked with medical condition related to depression, but not all were identified by parents timely. It may sound like a tired kid who cannot sleep well, but that is a typical symptom of depression. After Susan presented, people exchanged ideas openly. parents should start reflecting what we have done which pushed kids away from close communication within family. Of course, it is not a bad idea to mentor some one else's kid so that teens do have people to talk to. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem . This is what Susan mentioned. There are always solutions to any problems, but we need to let teens know that we can work on solutions together.


演讲者:一组Paly和Gunn毕业生,现在Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and USC就读或已毕业


地点:Los Altos 图书馆 (13 S San Antonio Rd, Los Altos)


Topic: How to have a great high school experience and be ready for college and beyond

Speakers: A panel of Paly and Gunn graduates who are either current students or post graduates of Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and USC

Time: Aug. 16, Sat. at 11:00 am

Location: Los Altos Library (13 S San Antonio Rd, Los Altos) The seminar event will consist of short speeches from each panelist followed by Q&A session. Parents and middle school students are welcomed to attend as well.

Palo Alto 华人家长会子女教育讲座
主题: “如何让你的孩子愿意与你交流,听你的建议?”
演讲者: Susan Stone Belton
时间: 5月16日晚7点
地点: Palo Alto high school Library ERC Room
预订座位: 请在下面 Event Signup Form 签到
Susan Stone Belton ( 致力于家庭关系协调事业长达40年,她曾帮助和影响了几千名家长和小孩。她将告诉你一些方法和小窍门使你的孩子愿意与你沟通和听你的建议. 她将教你如何创建和谐快乐的家庭。另外,你若希望Susan回答其它一些小孩教育的问题,请把问题写到注册页一起交给我们。如有需要,讲座将提供中文翻译。


How to get your kids to communicate with you and take your advices?

Upcoming parenting seminar sponsored by Palo Alto Chinese Parents' Club (PACPC)
Topic: “How to get your kids to communicate with you and take your advices?”
Speaker: Susan Stone Belton, a parenting coach and a motivation speaker
Time: May 16, Friday at 7pm
Location: Palo Alto high school Library ERC Room

Susan Stone Belton ( been working with thousands of kids and adults in the past 40 years. She will teach you new parenting tips and tools that will make your kids want to communicate with you, take in your advice and turn your household into a joyful place. Also, please don't hesitate to send us other parenting questions you like Susan to touch upon during her talk.
PACPC Organizers

Palo Alto 华人家长春天自助野餐

春暖花开,我们的社区和公园多美呀! 大家一块度周末吧。 您还可以多认识Palo Alto的其他华人家长。 您想听大孩子们的家长们传授经验吗? 您愿意和其他家长分享育儿体验和活动资讯, 并互帮互助吗?请来参加Palo Alto华人家长俱乐部的“中囯家长春天自助野餐”。
自助野餐将在五月31日(星期六)的中午12奌于Mitchell Park的Pine Grove举行。 请带着您的家人, 带着您的野餐, 来和我们一起共度! 在共享美食(不能带酒)的同时, 我们将互相认识, 互相了解。
如果您对华人家长俱乐部和这自助野餐感兴趣, 请到我们的网站査詢。希望您能参加!
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Dear Chinese Parents,

Spring is here! Let’s get together and celebrate a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the park. Do you want to know more Chinese parents in Palo Alto? Do you want to discuss unique concerns Chinese parents face? Do you want to get tips from parents with older kids? Do you want to share ideas and resources in all the aspects of raising children? Please join the Palo Alto Chinese Parents' Club !

Our Picnic will be starting 12 noon on Saturday. May 31. It will be held at Pine Grove area in Mitchell Park. We will enjoy good food together, hang around, get to know each other. Please note that NO alcohol is allowed.

If you are interested in the picnic and Chinese Parents' Club, please check our website for more details We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at the picnic!

Palo Alto Chinese Parents’ Club

• Palo Alto华人家长俱乐部的第三次活动(3月1日)是在Los Alto Library与两位Palo Alto友好美国人Ann Marie Hmelar and Carol Goldfield座谈 “如何培养小孩的社交能力”。Ann Marie 和 Carol 都非常擅长与各种人交谈。Ann Marie培养出7个礼貌开明的 儿女,媳妇女婿来自中国, 德国, 墨西哥, 印度, 古巴的移民及后代,共有15个孙子孙女。Carol 是个作家,好妈妈, 好邻居。 她的独生子毕业于Paly,Amherst College, 现在UCLA 读MBA, 丈夫是湾区一家公司的CEO。Carol 与她街上每个邻居都是好朋友。
Carol认为参加体育运动队和做义工是最有效的学习交朋友,培养社交能力的办法。 这不仅适应于小孩,也适应于家长。另外弄点好吃的给大家吃也是交朋友的好办法。Carol说,在美国, 只要你面带笑容,有礼貌, 你几乎可以问任何人问题,哪怕是陌生人或是高职位的人(对要避免的隐私话题请查看Information page 的社交与做客)。Ann Marie 认为父母应该让小孩体会到他们的爱, 并让小孩有幸福, 快乐感才能建立小孩对你的信任,才能有效的与小孩交流。她说她小孩小时, 她开一辆13坐的车每次去接打棒球的儿子时都还不够坐。 为什么这么多小孩都爱坐她的车呢? 后来她儿子告诉她, 那是因为她会带小孩去吃冰淇淋。

• Palo Alto华人家长俱乐部的第二次活动(12月7日)是请美国出生华人Raymond Shen 博士用中文与家长談談“如何养育ABC孩子”。Raymond 是ABC,出生于洛杉矶。他在很传统华裔的家庭中长大。父母要求完美,文武双全,追求学业。他二十岁从加州理工学院毕业。之后他在史坦福大学取得硕士和博士学位。他目前就业于Agilent Technologies 担任管理, 在 Agilent 和在 Applied Signal被称为“Emerging Leader”。可以说Raymond 走的路是大多华人家长认为在美国最理想路。有意思的是Raymond却不认为如此。他认为他若把他读硕士和搏士的时间和精力用在学习跟人打交道(people skill),如何做leader去组织去激励大家(organize and motivate others)做项目上,他会更成功。他告诉我们:

ABC的世界观与美国人更相近, "Be the best you can be" 是他们的理想。所以华人父母要避免把自己孩子与别人比,而应该与他/她自己过去比去要求做得更好。

华人家长要从小就培养小孩的社交能力。尤其是ABC男孩。要不ABC女孩都date白人去了。培养社交能力的办法就是让小孩从小参加社交活动,参加他们兴趣的Team Club, 与各种文化背景的小孩玩,做活动,做项目。共同兴趣就是建立友谊的秘诀。

成绩好, 学位高就会做leader是个错觉, 在美国,常常是得C学生领导得A和B的学生。那是因为得C的美国孩子从小就把时间花在卖柠檬汁等社交活动上,炼得一身社交和销售能力。得A的学生花太多时间读书了。只会做技术工作。


上名牌大学并不象大多华人家长们想象的那样重要。美国前十几強公司的CEO大多毕业于一般的大学, 而不是名校。



• Palo Alto华人家长俱乐部的第一次活动”金秋自助餐会“于9月22日(星期天)的下午四点于Palo Alto Mitchell Park的Redwood Group Area举行。 一百多位家长和小孩参加,一起享受了各家美味家肴并共庆中秋佳节。

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