General Planning

Debra Cen

Debra is a co-founder of PACPC. She and her family have lived in Palo Alto for 10 years. She grew up in Fujian province and came to US for her Ph.D. in 1986. She and her husband have two adult sons, both are USC Trojans. She enjoys theater, travel, cooking and entertaining. Her current passion is to promote the culture strength of United States and China to each other. Contact Debra

Amy Yang

Amy is a co-founder of PACPC. She and her family moved to Palo Alto from Southern California four years ago. She grew up in Jiangxi province and has lived in the U.S. for 20 years. She is now a full time mom of two teenage boys and a five year old girl. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, vegetable gardening and hiking. Contact Amy

Ann Xu

As a long time Palo Alto resident, Ann and her family live in Green Acres neighborhood. She works in local government as finance professional. She was born in Shanghai and immigrated to US in 1988. She has two kids – a 14 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. She has been volunteering at schools within PAUSD for many years. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and hiking.
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Lin Hoffman

After spending 14 years in Washington DC/Maryland, Lin and her family have settled in Palo Alto since 2007. Lin has a PhD in life science and a degree in law. She specializes in intellectual property law and is registered to practice before USPTO. She has a son in college and a daughter in Paly. She is also active in the Chinese community, wherein she is the immediate past president of Chinese Bioscience Association, board member of US China Green Energy Council, and Silicon Valley Women’s Association. She enjoys travel, cooking and hiking.
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Chaoyang Fan

Chaoyang grew up in Fujian province and went to Zhejiang University. After obtained BS and MS degree he went to Berlin and obtained his PhD in physics in TU Berlin. He lives in Palo Alto since 2012 and have a daughter with age 14. Currently he works in CoAdna photonics Inc. as a test and algorithm developer. He like coding and web developing, enjoys sports such as badminton and table tennis. He also enjoy many games such as go, Chinese chess and bridge.

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Events Committee

Special Needs Children and Resources

Charlene Liao

Charlene and her family have lived in Palo Alto for 17 years, since her husband took a faculty position at Stanford University. She grew up in Sichuan province and lived in Beijing and Massachusetts before moving to the Bay Area. She is a Peking University alumna and a biopharmaceutical industry executive. She and her husband have two daughters, age 19 and 16. She enjoys reading, travel, exercises, and live performances.
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Sports & Outdoor Activities

Huipin Zhang

Huipin and his wife Dawn and son Ethan have lived in Duveneck neighborhood for two years and long in the bay area. His family loves travel and any outdoor activity. Both working in the software industry, Dawn and I enjoy meeting new friends. I love to hear if you have any suggestion on sports and outdoor activities for children and / or adults.
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