Palo Alto Chinese Parents Club (Palo Alto 华人家长会)

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Palo Alto Chinese Parents’ Club (PACPC) is an organization of Chinese families who live in Palo Alto. Our mission is to build strong connections among the Chinese residents of Palo Alto, and to promote good parenting, school involvement and community integration. We plan to offer both social and educational events. We welcome everyone of Chinese descent, whether you hail from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., and whether you're first, second or third-generation. We also welcome children of all ages, from expectant parents, newborn to college and beyond. Our gatherings will be in Palo Alto or its vicinity.
Starting on February 1, 2014, PACPC is now operating under a non-profit organization called “WizChinese”. If you are interested in becoming a member of the club, please go to Membership page.

Palo Alto 华人家长会是Palo Alto华人居民的一个组织。我们的宗旨是通过提供各种社交和讲座机会增强Palo Alto 华人居民之间的交流, 提倡做好家长,积极与学校合作培养全面发展的孩子。同时帮助会员融入社区,融入美国文化。我们欢迎来自世界各地的华人来参加。无论是从大陆,台湾,香港,新加坡,还是马来西亚; 无论是第一代,第二代,还是第三代华人; 我们也欢迎各年龄的孩子,从婴儿到大学毕业生; 还有将要做父母的年轻夫妇。俱乐部活动地点在Palo Alto及附近。
从2014 年2月开始,PACPC成为加州非营利组织WizChinese的一个分支。您若想参加这个俱乐部, 请查看会员(Membership)页。